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Wash for tomorrow


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August 29, 2008



It is amazing how one small baby can generate so much laundry. Green pea and carrot puree, spit up – and worse – stained heaps of it.  And it all needs to be washed.  Traditional detergents aren’t so fabulous for sensitive baby (or adult) skin or the environment. The fragrances and harsh solvents they contain can cause skin irritation and trigger allergies and asthma, while phosphates mess with the eco-system.

Eco-friendly detergents, which are better for you and the environment, arebecoming more commonplace. But locally produced, phosphate-free laundrydetergents from Live for Tomorrow take things to the next level. Not only isthe glass bottle packaging returnable, saving two pounds of greenhouse gas emissions per bottle, but because all their products are sourced, manufacturedand distributed within a five hour drive of Metro Vancouver, it means your detergent hasn’t done more travelling than you have. Heck, even the labels areprinted with vegetable-based inks.

Currently Live for Tomorrow offers one and 1.89 litre bottles of unscented powder and liquid laundry detergent. We put the liquid to the test after a (locally grown and organic of course) blueberry erroneously made its way into our laundry. With a bit of elbow grease and soaking, the blueberry stains were gone. We also tried the powder in a cold water wash with a dark load and everything came out residue-free.

They also produce liquid fabric softeners in unscented, lavender and lemongrass scented one litre and 1.89 litre bottles. You’ll find Live for Tomorrow products at Gourmet Express, Donalds Markets, Drive Organics and Stongs. And they’ve got

a toilet bowl cleaner, dishwashing liquid and glass cleaner in the works, which means soon we’ll be able to clean for tomorrow too…

Live for tomorrow
: www.live4tomorrow.com

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