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Testimonial – Seriously Green

by | Jun 13, 2011 | Archives

We are very proud to carry the “Live for Tomorrow” product line in our store, Seriously Green.  When we embarked on our quest to find truly environmentally friendly products for our store we had clear criteria in mind.  We wanted our products to not only be effective, non toxic to us and the environment but also to promote sustainability.  We were very pleased to find all of these in the Live for Tomorrow line.  We are confident that our customers will find no need to use any other cleaners or laundry products once they have been introduced to LFT because not only are they good for the environment; they cut down on waste as they are refillable, and they are truly effective cleaning products.  Our customers love that they can return their containers and have them refilled with the LFT products.  This unique approach to using glass bottles (that can be reused many times) is another step showing Live For Tomorrow’s dedication to the environment.  Live for Tomorrow is truly a revolutionary company that helps consumers take steps to reducing their impact on the environment in an easy way without compromising any of their cleaning needs or effectiveness.  We believe that by introducing people to LFT products we are showing them an easy way to be “green” and it can foster the beginning thoughts of other simple ways that they can “green” up their lives.  Consumers do not need any other products once they are introduced to LFT so this will eliminate their need to use other products that are detremintal to the environment.  We are extremely proud to sell LFT in our store and our customers are pleased to find that not only are the products effective, but that they are cost effective too, and are a great way to keep your family safe and help reduce your carbon footprint.



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