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Review – Live for Tomorrow

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Live For Tomorrow – Environmentally Friendly Household Products (Review)

Since I have started blogging and review different products I have become much more aware of environmentally friendly companies and products.

Live For Tomorrow is an environmentally friendly company located in Canada.
Munu Hicken-Gaberria is the founder and president (‘guvnor’) of LFT Group, which is the brand owner of Live For Tomorrow range of environmentally friendly household products.
Munu first visited British Columbia in 1991. He was awe-struck by the natural beauty of British Columbia. I have been there myself and have to agree it is beautiful! As a recent arrival in Canada, Munu wished to see the beauty preserved for future generations.
Munu and wife decided that they wished to lead a more environmentally aware lifestyle.
The Proposition

Munu decided he wanted to create an organization which was focused on the triple bottom line model: People, Planet, Planet.
Certified and Verified Products

The product ingredients and qualities would be disclosed and tested by a third party organization.
Sustainable Packaging

Packaging solutions would be reusable first and recyclable second.
Power To The Good

1% of product sales would be used for social and environmental initiatives.
I was sent a 60 load pouch of 2X Concentrate Laundry Detergent Unscented. I checked the handy store locator on their site and was pleased to see it is available in Toronto. You can return the pouch to the store for reuse or return the pouch to Live For Tomorrow. You can find the instructions on how to return at their website.
I found the pouch to be different as I am use to a box or hard bottle. But it is worth getting use to for the environment.
It does have a handle cut out of the plastic. The spout is on the upper side of the pouch.
The detergent cleaned up the clothes nicely. I loved that it was 2X concentrate. I love how you only need 1/4 of a cup for heavily soiled clothes. The instructions and ingredients are listed at their website.
I was also sent a few sample sizes of the Dishwasher Powder

Sodium Carbonate (natural stain remover),
Sodium Percarbonate (natural stain remover),
Sodium Hexametaphosphate (water softener),
Sodium Metasilicate (degreaser and cleaning agent)
unfortunately I was unable to review this product as I don’t have a dishwasher.
I was also sent a few sample sizes of the Liquid Dishwashing. It cleaned the dishes very well and I liked that it left my water with just the right amount of suds to wash with. I liked this product very much!
The last product is the Fabric Softener – I was sent a few sample sizes to review. Although I could not find the scent on the bottle it was scented and my guess is Lavender. It was a very mild scent – not overpowering.
What I like about this product it works well in cold water and is gentle enough for infant clothing.
Overall I liked their products and even more I love their mission!
You can also connect with Live For Tomorrow on facebook and twitter.
The product/s or service/s reviewed above were provided free of charge from the company or PR firm. The opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced. Please view my disclosure and rules.


Anonymous said…

I have never heard of this line of products before so thanks for making me award of this brand! I like it too that they are made in Canada! Marg

Denise G said…

@Marg – you are welcome!


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