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Announcement: New Product Line is Coming

by | Jul 26, 2013 | Archives

We are very excited to
announce that our existing line of products will be changing to a new look and
feel that will provide significant benefits to consumers and retailers. Why the
change you might ask? 

Over the years we have
received significant push back on the glass bottles including – they are heavy,
I’m afraid I will drop it and it will shatter, there is no measuring cap and
the deposit program is a hassle. From a business perspective, the glass bottles
are becoming more expensive to purchase and the freight costs are prohibitive
to ship into other markets who are asking for our products. The plastic pouches
have also created some challenges in that after time they do not stand upright
and we have experienced numerous product losses due to the packaging splitting
during shipment. So it was time to make a change… and in doing so we wanted to
make improvements to the product and changes that would be more environmentally
friendly. These changes are:

  • We have drastically reduced the water content in our laundry products. Did you know that the typical liquid laundry detergent contains 80% water? That just results in additional bulk and weight which increases the cost and more importantly is a poor use of such an important resource when there are so many without access to clean water. Our liquid laundry detergent (available in fragrance free and lavender scent) and our lavender fabric softener is 8X concentrated. So now instead of 60 loads in a 1.89 litre container, you get 50 loads in 500 millimetres! The laundry products have a pump closure – so in just four pumps you have the right amount of detergent for the average load of laundry. No measuring and pouring equals no fuss no mess! 
  • Our dish washing liquid (available in fragrance free and grapefruit scent) has also been concentrated to a 2X concentrate. And, of course our scents continue to consist of pure essential oils not synthetic fragrances. This too has a pump closure so it can remain on your counter top for easy use.
  • In addition to the laundry line and dish washing liquid (for hand washing) we still offer our all purpose cleaner with a spray closure.
  • The above six products are no longer packaged in glass but in 500 millmetre aluminium packaging – which is smaller, lighter, looks very urban and are reusable or 100% recyclable. The recycling process for aluminium is much more efficient than glass. The refill containers now consist of 1 litre 97% post consumer recycled plastic which of course can be recycled again. Both packaging types take up less room on the store shelves or in your home than our previous

We hope you will enjoy
the new line and of course we will be expanding the line with new products over


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