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Live for Tomorrow will be Walking for Reconciliation

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Downtown Vancouver – starting at the Queen Elizabeth Plaza, 4 km

Date: Sunday, September 22, 2013

Start Location: Queen Elizabeth Plaza, W. Georgia at Hamilton

Finish Location: Concord Pacific Place, 88 Pacific Blvd

8:30-9:00 AM
Walker Assembly & Entertainment

9:00-10:00 AM
Opening Ceremony

10 AM
Walk begins

11:00 AM
Closing protocol begins

Just Announced! Dr. Bernice A. King to deliver keynote speech at Canada’s first Walk for Reconciliation.

This is history in the making. Dr. Bernice A. King, daughter of Dr.
Martin Luther King, Jr., will be the keynote speaker at the Walk for
Reconciliation on September 22, 2013. Dr. King’s visit marks the 50th
anniversary of her father’s legendary “I Have a Dream” speech and a
pivotal moment in the human rights movement. Read more.

To join the Live for Tomorrow team


  • To help achieve far-reaching impact that will be felt amongst everyone — all ages, all cultures, all faiths.
  • To demonstrate your commitment to building better relationships to achieve resilient, sustainable communities.

This is the finale event of Reconciliation Week Vancouver 2013!

    • No event day registration is necessary. Just plan to meet your
      friends, families or teams in advance as there will be a lot of people
      in the marshalling area.
    • Live entertainment, storytelling, song and dance before, after and along the walk route
    • Multicultural food options at the post-walk celebration
    • Come yourself — bring your friends/family — create a Team
    • Fundraise if you like, to support Reconciliation Canada’s work
    • Registering allows you to set up a personal web page to help you invite others to join or support you
    • 2 KM walk available for those challenged by 4 KM
    • For a map of the Walk route, see below!



Sponsor a Walker


This is a gathering of all the peoples in Canada. Let your heart be open and your voice be heard. Stand up for ‘Namwayut — We Are All One.

Why We Walk

The Walk for Reconciliation is designed to transform and renew the
very essence of relationships among Aboriginal peoples and all
Canadians. It sounds so simple, but just the act of gathering and
walking and sharing our stories can join us all in a shared commitment
to creating a new way forward in our relationships with each other.

It’s time to move past apologies and politics and money. It’s time to move forward. Together.

Our future depends on being able to simply get along, respecting each
other for the unique gifts we bring. The time is now to show our
children, our neighbours and even other countries that Canada knows how
to get it right.

Join Us.

Walk Route Map

Walk Map for 2KM and 4 KM

Start Line: W. Georgia at Hamilton
Finish Site: Concord Pacific Place, 88 Pacific Blvd

A 2km option will be available as well with the same start and finish locations.

Group Bus Drop-Off and Parking Information

will be a drop off area for groups traveling by private bus in the
Easypark Parking lot at 688 Cambie. Cambie will be accessible by
Dunsmuir only that morning. There are a limited number of bus stalls, so
please unload as quickly as possible. Drop off is available between
8:00am and 10:00 am only.

You must display a placard indicating you are dropping off for the Walk for Reconciliation. Please email us at info@reconciliationcanada.ca and
let us know what organization or group you belong to, the contact
person and phone number and what time you plan on arriving at the
parking lot. We will email you the placard to print off and display. 

drop off, buses can proceed to Easypark lot 15  at 595 West 6th Avenue.
You are only required to purchase one parking ticket for $12. In this
lot, park across 5 regular stalls and please park appropriately to
maximize space.



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