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If You Already Have a Front-Load Washer Mold/ Smell Issue

by | Sep 16, 2014 | Archives

  • If your front-load washer is still under warranty, contact the manufacturer for repair or replacement. You may need to take a firm stand with your dealer or manufacturer to ensure they remedy this problem.
  • If your warranty period has expired, your first line of attack is to try and clean the washer to remove any offending mold. Some consumers have had some success with washer cleaning products.
  • If the gasket appears to contain mold, replacing it may solve the issue.

Are These Problems to Be Expected With a Front-Load Washer?

Not necessarily but until there are adequate front load design changes, the mold risk is high. But prevention is of utmost importance and you should be aware that this washer model requires more care than top-loaders. Front-load washers are considerably higher priced, at least double, if not triple the cost of a traditional top-loading model. That being said, they are beautiful to look at and are fun-to-use laundry appliances with great convenience and energy-saving features.

However, they are designed to use very low water levels and this can cause problems with expelling wash residue. The appliance design also is a hindrance when its components never dry out completely. Repairs may also be higher over the long run, than with those associated with top-load washers.

Problems with mold and odors have been occurring in some models since these were introduced, but may not be typical of all front-loaders. Since washer use and care varies with different appliance owners, one may have problems, while another may totally enjoy their high efficiency washer without serious complaints.


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