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Make life easy this summer

by | Jul 17, 2017 | Learn & Go Green | 0 comments

It’s here! School is out, the sun is shining, and gardens are growing all sorts of good things. Yes, summer is here. We’re encouraging you simplify where you can. Thoughts of days at the lake, dinner parties on the patio, and reading a good book in the shade are on your mind… in reality, summer also means there is more to clean. Are you ready?

The season is too short not make the most of it. To help things along we’ve included some tips to help you spruce up your happy, healthy home.

As for your supply list, we here are at LFT are pleased to let you know, our natural cleaning products are now just a click away. Go ahead, fill your virtual cart and we’ll deliver to your door. Be sure to stock up on septic system safe dish and laundry soaps for the cabin or RV too.

Top Tips from the LFT team when it comes to heavy-duty messes:

Our all purpose cleaner isn’t called “Elbow Grease” for nothing… it packs one heck of a powerful punch of cleaning goodness – from bathrooms and kitchens to vinyl decks and patio furniture.

  • Fridge and coolers: A light spray and a rinse or wipe down with a wet cloth is all it takes for the powerful citrus formulation to freshen up the inside of your fridge and coolers before the guests arrive.
  • Vinyl deck cleaning: Add ¼ cup of “Elbow Grease” to pail and fill with hot water. The sudsy solution and a soft brush will do the trick. Scrub and rinse immediately. For stubborn stains, spray directly with full concentrate, leave for 5 mins (do not let dry) and then scrub and rinse. Before you know it, your deck will be sparkling clean.
  • Grout cleaning (indoors and out): spray directly with full concentrate, leave for 5 mins, scrub with a course brush and rinse thoroughly. That’s it!
  • White acrylic furniture: Is your patio furniture looking more grey or grungy than white? Wipe down furniture to remove any accumulated dust and dirt. Spray directly with full concentrate, rub formulation with dry clean cloth and let the sun do the rest.
  • Muddy tubs: you’ve seen how muddy your tub gets from little feet and a whole lot of adventures? A quick spray, wipe and rinse of Elbow Grease is all it takes to keep it clean.

Your 500mL bottle will last the whole summer through. Order it online here.

Finished? Put up your feet and enjoy a cool summer drink. We trust that you’ll entertain responsibly. We love that you clean responsibly too!

Thank you for choosing Live for Tomorrow.

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