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Dorm Room Ready?

by | Sep 1, 2017 | Learn & Go Green

Going back to school, whether it is to primary, secondary or university can be daunting. But moving away from home to live on campus for the first time can be downright scary. We asked our team to reflect on what home comforts they missed the most and what suggestions they had to help stave off becoming home sick. Hope your loved one(s) find these helpful!
  • Home cooked meals: freeze up some individual portion size of their favourite dish. Even having just a few portions will make a big difference!
  • Familiar bedding: you might want to buy new… but there is nothing better than laying your head down on YOUR pillow.
  • Mementos: poster from their bedroom wall, that trophy that they worked so hard to earn last year and their favourite throw (even if it is the one that belongs in the living room).
  • Snacks: it has probably been years since you prepared snacks for your grown-up teen, but our team swears that having individually prepared grab bags of dried snacks (think trail mix, pretzels, nuts, vegetable chips) are a huge hit. Add a little message (funnier the better) from mom and/or dad in each bag and you will warm their heart and add a smile to their face.
  • Cleaning supplies: This could be quite the challenge as in most cases your beloved offspring has not learned the ropes on doing their laundry and cleaning up after themselves. Well, now it is time for them to learn. Live for Tomorrow cleaning products offer streamline, easy-to-use, easy-to-store solutions for their cleaning needs… because let’s face it, dorm rooms don’t clean themselves. Consider Live for Tomorrow’sEssentials Unscented Bundle” as the perfect companion to pack in their bags – scent-free so not to offend dorm-mates and non-toxic to keep your students healthy. Pure ingredients, smart packaging, college co-ed and mom approved.
Now send them off to prepare for the future and give them the future of clean while you’re at it. Live for Tomorrow — Today.
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