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October: Small Business Month

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How green and clean is your office?

October is Small Business Month, so we thought it would be fitting to put the spotlight on the place where you actually spend most of your time – your office. When was the last time you removed all the items of your desk and cleaned your desktop? Or how about your telephone that is almost permanently attached to your ear? Sure the janitorial service comes in… but they would not dare to move around the papers on your desk. Take a look at the following tips for a clean office and don’t compromise on the quality of your clean. Put your best foot forward. Choose Live for Tomorrow.

Green Office Tips – using Live for Tomorrow’s Elbow Grease All Purpose Cleaner

  • Spray and wipe down your telephone, stapler, shelving, filing cabinets, desk lamps… any hard surface item that is on your desk.
  • For your desk itself, you may need to dilute our All Purpose Cleaner if it has a polished surface. Do NOT use on wood furniture or it will strip the finish and leave a cloudy white mark.
  • Empty out your garbage can and give it a good spray and wipe down.
  • For your computer monitor, keyboard and mouse, spray a small amount on a damp cloth and wipe down. Do NOT spray directly onto these items.
  • If you have a tiled or linoleum floor surface, fill a bucket with hot water and a few squirts of Elbow Grease and mop up the surface grime away.
  • Tackle your office kitchen by directly spraying and wiping down your fridge (inside and out) and the sink. For the microwave, coffee machine and toaster spray on a cloth first and then wipe down.
  • And don’t forget the bathroom…

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