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New Year… new goals

by | Jan 4, 2018 | Company News, Home Page

We at Live for Tomorrow hope that the holidays were good for you, filled with joyful time spent with loved ones. Perhaps you are still alight with the seasonal glow and playing in the snow or on the ice; with the cold weather across Canada… either one are not hard to find. There is nothing more Canadian than tobogganing down a hill, ice fishing on the lake, or slapping the puck around on the ice.

With just a few days into 2018, many are taking time to set out goals and objectives for the year… we certainly are! In addition to setting out our goals for new product development, expansion into new channels and markets, and operational metrics, we are also looking at ways to achieve a more balanced, healthy life.

But what is considered an acceptable balance these days? With the advances in technology that allows business to take place 24/7 with unrestricted global connectivity, have we lost the ability, with cultural support, to say “no” and turn off? In our view, the answer is NO! Boundaries do need to be set to maintain a healthy balance, both in terms of personally from a physical, mental and spiritual perspective, as well as environmental sustainability. The key here is to set reasonable expectations that actually alter behaviour on an ongoing basis.

Consider these ideas: take time for meaningful face-to-face conversations with friends and colleagues; walk in the woods to reap the benefits of forest bathing; try short impactful workouts – like a 30-minute kick-boxing session; turn off the tap when brushing your teeth; develop your creative side with classes at your local art studio; meditate; where possible, walk instead of drive; turn on the music and dance like no one is watching; purge your closets for items not used and donate them to those in need; pause and ask “do I really need this” before purchasing new items; turn off the lights when you leave a room; drink a glass of water before eating; read; do something new to stretch yourself physically and mentally; and smile!

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Empower yourself to make life altering changes that gives you peace of mind, feeds your soul, warms your heart and keeps you and Mother Earth healthy.

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