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Spring… a great time to reflect and make positive changes

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Live for Tomorrow has always pushed the boundaries with its packaging, concentration levels and uncompromising dedication to natural, non-toxic ingredients to not harm the environment. With Earth Day taking place on April 22, we want to help our loyal customers with ideas to take further steps that are better for you, better for our planet.

A common phrase that comes to mind is “out with the old and in with the new”. Well that just results in a disposable mindset. Instead consider, “how can I re-purpose” that item? Repurposing is one of the most eco-friendly steps one can take. Some of our favourites are turning pallets into furniture, old sweaters into scarfs and mason jars into terrariums. There are tons of useful ideas out there if one is willing to look. Remember, less is more. So before you purchase that new item, ask yourself, is it really needed?

Zero waste is no longer a campaign or trend, it is a growing lifestyle that is here to stay. There are simple steps that you can take to join in on this great movement, starting with grocery shopping. When you buy your bananas, avocados, and oranges – why do you put them in a plastic bag? They are already pre-wrapped in their skin. Most items that you buy today are so well plastic wrapped that there is no longer the need to bag up each item separately. Going one step further is to shop at a store that is tailored to zero waste. We are proud of our refill retail partners that offer refill options for cleaning supplies, personal care products and select edibles! Across Canada our partners include: the Soap Dispensary, Second Nature Home Boutique and the Chuckling Duckling Farm in Metro Vancouver; Carbon Environmental Boutique and Earth’s General Store in Edmonton; Mrs. Greenway and Terra20 in Ontario.

Now let’s talk about cleaning. One myth we want to expose is about bubbles. Sure they are fun, and most people think that more bubbles in your laundry, dish, and cleaning solution means that it is more effective. That is not the case. Although, the active ingredients that do the job of cleaning do suds up a bit, what has become common practice is for manufacturers to add “foam regulators” to increase the amount of suds in cleaning products to give consumers the perception that it does a better job. This continued practice has a downside to our environment; it necessitates more water to rinse off the additional bubbles! With fresh water levels diminishing we need to ensure that we do our part to conserve water.

April brings new growth in terms of buds and flowers as well as spring showers… and sometimes lots of it! One great way to conserve water is to purchase a rain barrel to capture Mother Nature’s precious resource when it is plentiful, and use the rainwater to water your gardens and hanging baskets during the dry summer. Many municipalities offer a subsidized program for purchasing rain barrels. The City of Port Moody is one municipality that we know of that is offering this program. A win-win for your pocket book and the environment!

These are just a few things that you can do to make a positive difference for our environment. There are so many more. Have ideas that you would like to share? Use #gogreenwithLFT for your general eco-friendly tips and #conserveH20withLFT for your water conservation tips. We would love to hear from you.

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