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Happy Canada Day!

by | Jul 1, 2018 | Company News

Hello loyal LFT fans. Happy Canada Day! It’s summer. That fabulous time of year when we all want to focus on spending time with family and friends, whether it is on vacation, a day spent at the beach, or afternoon firing up the grill. It is a time when we want to slow down, relax and keep things simple.  You may recall from last summer, we provided various tips to help you spruce up your home. If you missed it, take a read. This year, we are going political. I know, not what you probably expected, but if not on Canada Day, when? Hmm… political is not the right word. Patriotic – that’s it! We love being Canadian. Why? For starters, we love the diversity of our country, both in terms of culture as well as the geographic landscape. People are friendly and care about one another.  Although it needs some improvement, our health care system provides for those in need. We have great food, and come on… our growing microbrewery industry is the BEST. Canada isn’t perfect. We have made mistakes. But we do hold ourselves accountable, admit when we are wrong and make things right. Hey – that is what we do at LFT! So if you are feeling patriotic and are looking for ways to support Canada’s economy, then buy Canadian products. Canada has incredible talent that make great quality products… yes, over and above beer and poutine. We are proud to be one of those businesses that proudly manufacture in Canada. Check out our monthly special, and we are pleased to share that Rosemary Orange Blossom is back in stock. Happy Canada Day eh!


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