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LFT’s Covid-19 Safety Plan


Daily “Health Checks” must be submitted by all team members prior to arrival at LFT premises. Any external parties coming onto site (customers, delivery drivers, service providers, etc.) must be logged for contact tracing purposes and masks must be worn.

LFT is committed to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 and protect the wellbeing of its staff and customers. As an essential business providing cleaning products to communities across Canada, we have a responsibility to take all necessary precautions to mitigate the risk of Covid-19.

Risk Assessment

LFT has undertaken a risk assessment taking into account how the Covid-19 virus is spread and WorkSafeBC guidance. The virus spreads in several ways, including through droplets when a person coughs or sneezes, or from touching a contaminated surface before touching the face. Our assessment involved all LFT team members that work on site and considered the following:

  • Where people congregate;
  • Tasks and processes that result in workers coming into close proximity to one another or members of the public; and
  • Touch points, that includes surfaces, equipment and tools.

WorkSafe BC Guidance

Adherence and effectiveness of our wellness and safety protocols and practices are being monitored on a continued basis and any adjustments as a result of any new public health orders / WorkSafeBC guidance will be made to ensure the continued safety of our employees, customers and partners that we interact with.


Measures to Reduce Risks

As a result of the risk assessment undertaken, the following measures have been determined and implemented.



  • Daily health check online application rolled out, requiring team members to assert that they are healthy, have not been exposed, out of the country or ordered to isolate
  • Signage & screening at doors to prevent entrance of ill staff and customers or those who have recently traveled or been exposed;
  • Wellness policy updated to include instructions if staff members become ill;
  • Customer access by appointment only & limiting access to two customers / visitors at a time – and masks must be worn; and
  • Procedures to ensure physical distancing is maintained which is feasible due to the LFT team size and limitation of one person in common space at a time.

Engineering Controls

  • Plexiglass barriers installed in factory showroom and exposed desks;
  • Hand sanitizer stations at entrances and high traffic areas;
  • Ceased operation of refill station; and
  • Plexiglass barriers, high touch points and sanitizer stations included in cleaning protocols.

Administrative Controls

  • Hand wash requirements and instructions in policies and on signage throughout premises;
  • Good hygiene practices posted;
  • Daily cleaning protocols enhanced;
  • Deliveries accepted only at Receiving;
  • All external parties entering LFT premises are logged for contact tracing purposes; and
  • Increased team communications, including bi-weekly team meetings to address issues / concerns.


  • Masks and face shields provided to on site staff;
  • Face masks provided to customers / visitors entering our showroom, who do not have their own;
  • Instructions for use provided in posted signage; and
  • Mandatory requirement to wear masks or face shield where distance of 2 metres (6 feet) cannot be maintained.


  • Policies and procedures updated to prohibit team members, customers or visitors from being on site should they display symptoms, are ill, been exposed to a known or presumptive case of Covid-19 or have returned from travels outside of BC.
  • Work from Home Policy and Agreements put in place.
  • Work travel outside of BC prohibited.
  • Compliance certificates have been obtained from all team members to confirm their awareness, understanding and adherence to policies and procedures.


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