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#CommunityCorner Spotlight: @OrcaLabBC

by | Jun 8, 2021 | Community Corner


Meet OrcaLab, our current #CommunityCorner partner!

OrcaLab is a whale research station located off the North Eastern tip of Vancouver Island on Hanson Island, in beautiful British Columbia. For over 50 years, OrcaLab has operated their “off-grid” facility – observing, recording and sharing the Northern Resident orcas and other marine species who call those waters home. One of the few land-based research facilities in the world, OrcaLab has been a leader in allowing observations to be done without interfering in the whales natural habits, or contributing to the potentially negative impact of vessel noise and traffic.

They are also aware of the natural vegetation and the footprint the Lab leaves in this area. Hanson Island is a pristine, untouched location and the Lab features beautiful eel grass, bull kelp and a host of species right on their doorstep. Being off-grid, means that any grey water drains straight into the ocean, including any products used to maintain the facility…

This is where Live for Tomorrow comes in! We are proud to have supplied this amazing not-for-profit organization with some of our non-toxic, plant & mineral based cleaning products to help them minimize their impact on the environment as much as possible!

“Our lab assistants have put them to the test on dishes, hands, surfaces and laundry and we LOVE them! Thank you so much LFT. Even better, we can refill our bottles at a local store in Courtenay @localrefillery, eliminating the need for single-use containers.”


And the good news for all of us? You can tune in LIVE to watch orcas travelling, feeding and “rubbing” at the smooth pebble beaches in Johnstone Strait throughout summer each year! Head to www.explore.org and search for ‘OrcaLab’ to watch these beautiful animals and hear their unique calls.

Along with an invaluable understanding of the lives of the Northern Resident whales, OrcaLab shares their monitoring of the area 24/7 with a network of remote cameras and hydrophones, so as to further understand and protect these vital species.

As founder Dr. Paul Spong expressed while experiencing a particularly serene moment at OrcaLab in the 80s: “If only the whole world could experience this moment, it would know peace.”

If you would like to further support OrcaLab’s work, you can consider becoming a monthly donor. This would give you first access to live updates, videos and stories from Dr. Paul Spong, Helena Symonds and the team at the lab. Every small donation makes a difference. Head to www.orcalab.org and click “Donate” to become a supporter.

Find OracLab on Instagram or Facebook at @OrcaLabBC to follow their fascinating journey.

And if you watch closely, you might even see Live for Tomorrow all-natural products making an appearance!



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