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Spotlight on Femme-tastic Eco-Leaders

by | Mar 8, 2022 | Changemakers, Lifestyle

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Canada wide, there is a revolution taking place – a REFILL revolution, and its being led by women who are kicking butt and taking names, and we have a front row seat! LFT Group Brands Ltd. supplies eco-friendly cleaning products, yes, but our business is also community, conservation, waste reduction and value – all with eyes on the future of the planet and its inhabitants. And we are far from alone! We are but a small player in a necessary eco-movement, and what better time than International Women’s Day to spotlight some of its many female champions! 

The following list is just scratching the surface of some of the unstoppable, take-charge femme retailers and refillers we have the pleasure of working with – greening up communities across the country with an open-mindedness, drive and determination unlike ever seen before! Across the board they source local products, they support small businesses, they offer organic, package free, sensitivity-sensitive, vetted, quality products. They do no harm. They provide a personal touch like no other, and they do it with a smile. You want a feel-good moment? Walk into (or visit online) any of the stores listed here, and walk away feeling better about yourself, your community, and the world as a whole… What they do is for everybody, and it really does feel that good! 

Take a read about these amazing women entrepreneurs that we are so delighted to spotlight, and learn what they have to say!

“We started this business as a way to make sustainable, clean and safe products easy and accessible in our community. We stand for what we stand on for ourselves, our families, and also for yours. We believe in transparency, accountability, and morality that values both the environment and humanity.”

– Jill Thiessen & Levi Friesen, Owners

The Fill

📍 Swift Current, Saskatchewan


“We started Mrs Greenway 7.5 years ago with a vision to protect the planet and make sustainable living more accessible to our communities. Live For Tomorrow products have been a major part of our stores since Day 1 and could be found in our refillery when no other brands were offering bulk products as an option. We love to represent Canadian Brands that are as passionate about the Earth as we are and focus on allowing our customers to live a low waste lifestyle!”

– Mary Lou Miszuk (Mother) & Christine (Daughter), Owners

Mrs. Greenway

📍 Dundas, Grimsby and Elora, Ontario


“I opened a zero-waste grocery store because I wanted to make a bigger impact on plastic than just my own personal household.  With my customers and vendors help, we have stopped over 300,000 containers from being thrown away!”

– Salina Derish, Sole Founder

PickEco Refills

📍 Chilliwack, BC


Photo credit: Sarah Sovereign Photography

“My mission to make the transition to zero waste Simple, Safe and Sustainable for everyone!”

– Camille Lebeuf, Owner/Founder

Bare Refillery

📍 North Vancouver, BC


“Live for Tomorrow is our absolute favourite soap. We love how LFT offers both scented and unscented plant based, earth safe, refillable soap. Also, we love how you take back your containers and take full responsibility of what you put out there. It’s to be admired. Everything down to the packaging has the environment in mind. You are a leader by your actions.”

 – Jessica Brown, Owner/Operator

The Refill Stop

📍 New Westminster, BC


“Replenish is an online refill store which carries a variety of personal care and cleaning products that are safe, environmentally friendly, biodegradable and locally sourced. We want to provide our customers with healthy choices for themselves and their families. Live For Tomorrow is one of our wonderful suppliers that helps us meet these requirements.”

– Melinda Nealis and Kayla Carley, Owners

Replenish Kootenay

📍 Online & Delivering throughout the Kootenays, BC


“We love our East Van neighbourhood and strive to make our world a better place — starting first in our neighbourhood! We want to be a force for good, partnering with socially and environmentally minded makers, building community and fostering inclusive values, and offering beautiful artisan products alongside refillable household goods. I believe simple living will bring me far more joy than chasing after the next new thing. We have one earth, and we have to care for it now!”

– Elizabeth McKitrick, Social Entrepreneur

Second Nature Home Boutique

📍 Vancouver, BC


“My name is Angela Machuik. I own Replenish Refillery & Zero Waste Store in Summerland BC. I started the Refillery so that my life could be more in-line with my core values, and it fills my heart each day to know that Replenish is helping people to make their own impact on the environment. I am delighted to be able to provide refills of Live for Tomorrow cleaning products – and not just because I went to High School in Port Moody, where the company is based! I love LFT products because of their great performance, amazing scents and quality ingredients. It’s nice knowing they are vegan and safe for us and the environment too! 🌱🌍”

 – Angela Machuik, Owner

Replenish Refillery & Zero Waste Store

📍 Summerland, BC


“I love LFT because it is a brand that creates non-toxic, plant and mineral based products in bulk. These elements are key points for a zero-waste future.”

– Anna Nyman, Owner

Zero Waste Emporium

📍 Victoria, BC


“As a collective of local, small batch, and eco-focused products, Taylor & Mae was created with and for the amazing community of BC creators, business owners, and passion-driven individuals. Being able to support and be supported by this community has made our space and this experience feel extra special.”

– Noa Dagan & Jessica Wood, Owners

Taylor & Mae Eco Collective

📍 Nelson, BC


“Live For Tomorrow products are the real deal and meet all my refill goals! I not only sell LFT, I use It!”

– Susan Selzer, Owner

Forget Me Not Garden

📍 Sechelt, BC


“My philosophy is ‘Always try to make the world a better place’.”

– Josephine Tsen, Owner 

Eco Calypte Refillery

📍 Coquitlam, BC


“Some of the smallest changes in our lifestyle can have the greatest impact on the environment that surrounds us.”

– Paula & Nairn McPhee, Directors 

Vancouver Island Refillery

📍 Nanaimo, BC


“We are all a part of nature and need to start living in such a way. Every choice we make has an impact so let’s make the best choices we can, and truly… Live for Tomorrow.”

– Corrie Smith, Owner 

Shades of Green, Eco-Essentials & Refillery

📍 Parksville, BC


“There is so much going on in the world that is scary –  racial injustice, discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identification, economic inequality, famine and war…to say nothing of climate change. I decide every day that I can either be overwhelmed to the point of inaction, or take whatever steps I can in my family, my community and my country to keep moving forward. Keep advocating, keep informing, keep communicating, and always, keep working. I like to #beahelper, and I don’t think I will ever stop. My business and my exceptional team is an extension of those values I hold dear.”

– Tamara Komuniecki, Owner 

Delish General Store

📍 North Vancouver, BC


“Small business is the life blood of any healthy community.”

– Hannah Foster, Manager & Founder

Foster’s Refillery

📍 Salt Lake City, UT


For a little more info on Refilleries – and why they might just become your new favourite place to shop too – read this post – “Refilleries & You – A Love Affair”.

And, for info on how you too can walk the talk and become a refiller, or retail partner, please visit: https://lftbrands.com/wholesale-enquiry

Such a FUFILLING addition to this one wild and wonderful life!

 Happy International Women’s Day!

 ~ Team LFT, xx


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