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Vancouver Sun

 Open for Business Vancouver SunPublished: Monday, June 02, 2008LFT Group.Owner: Munu Hicken-GaberriaLocation: Port MoodyPhone:    (604) 629-5869  Email: munu@lft-group.comWeb: http://www.lft-group.comDescription: LFT group is a local...

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Live for Tomorow products launched

Based in Port Moody, British Columbia, ‘Live for Tomorrow’ is an environmentally-focused company, carrying a range of earth-conscious cleaning products for use in both households and commercial premises. Following eight months of intense development, five...

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Avid Communications

Avid Communications

Avid Communications, a Vancouver based public relations agency was selected from a number of competing pitches to help the LFT Group manage and develop the press and media coverage for Live for Tomorrow. Almira Bardai has a client list of a number of environmentally...

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Syntric Design picked as design agency

Following a number of pitches from various agencies. Syntric Design was selected as the agency which would be designing the labels for Live for Tomorrow products. Syntric is a Vancouver-based agency which has a number of small and large accounts. Syntrics contact...

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Refilleries 101
Wellness in the #NewNormal
Green Gift Guide - Holiday Giving

We at Live for Tomorrow LOVE the holiday season! We love getting cozy, spending time with those we care about, doing things we enjoy and just straight up relaxing!  

One thing we don’t love though, is the excess and waste that tends to accompany these activities. But can it be avoided? Yes, it can – with a little conscious effort! To help you, we have put together this “Green Gift Guide” as a handy reference tool! 

Our guide includes 24 suggestions that vary in time and financial investment… Find it here!

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